Who We Are

Mutual respect


We envision a place where horses and humans live and play in a safe, healthy environment with communication, bonding, and trust as the journey and the goal.  Equisance at Moon Valley Ranch is not discipline specific; the language of the equus applies to all things we do with and for our horses.  

Russell and Anne Beggs live and work at Equisance, Inc. at Moon Valley Ranch. “Equisance Ranch, the home for happy horses, the place for savvy people speaking the equine language.”  Russ wears many hats/helmets.  For over 30 years Russ has created miles of smiles in Santa Cruz County as a general dentist- Aptos Village Dental is a mere three miles from the Ranch.  If only he could commute by horseback.  Besides his first horse, Russ has started a five year old gelding, a seven year old mare. and a colt born on the ranch.  Anne is a lifelong horse lover and with the kids grown she now has time to mother over her own herd and nearly 22 acres, while listening, learning and working with horses and their extraordinary people and cats, too!

We have a hard working team of employees to help keep the place running